The 'SwagStore'

Swagbucks. What is it?

     Swagbucks is a free online website where do different things in order to win what are called "SwagBucks." The things you must do are: 1, you search with there free search engine and can win the occasional swagbuck; 2, "Swagcodes" are put out almost daily and can get you an extra buck or two; 3, for every friend that you invite, you win a mirror of what they win from searching (up to 100 swagbucks); 4, promote there website using a banner or widget and you can win off people searching through it, or even get more referrals; 5, you can trade in old stuff that you have like old cell phones and games, and you can use there shop and win site where you get swagbucks by buying stuff off of the internet.
     The "SwagStore." The swagstore is where all of the prizes are, they have everything from airline miles, to magazines, to video games.   Some of the best prizes that they have are the gift cards. they have a gift card  for almost everything, even PayPal.  another one of there great items (and one of the cheapest), is there SwagBucks.com T-shirt (shown at bottom of page).
     Joining. To join swagbucks under my referral, just go to http://swagbucks.com/refer/ewieczorek.  Or, if you don't want to sign up under me go here: Register For Swagbucks.
     "referrals" there are quite a few different ways to get referrals. you can get a widget (below/left), a banner (below/top), or you can make a referral video and put it on youtube.
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